Climate action is crucial: extreme weather events have struck around the world, with developing countries being the hardest hit. Climate change is arguably the most serious problem facing our civilisation today, impacting our lives, our infrastructure, agriculture, water, public health and natural ecosystems. We cannot afford to do nothing.

Africa has the opportunity to take the lead in climate action, by rethinking development priorities and actions: No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa despite being least responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. Africa is also the most youthful continent with majority of its population under the age of thirty. Acting on climate change is Africa’s opportunity to reap benefits in investment, green jobs and alternative development pathways.

Climate change adaptation is a necessity to ensure economic growth for developing countries: the link between climate change and development should be obvious. Climate change impacts will significantly affect national development, particularly amongst the world’s poorest communities. Climate-related hazards exacerbate other stressors, with negative outcomes for livelihoods especially for people living in poverty. However adaptation to the negative impacts of climate change present significant opportunities; opportunities to build new businesses and new economies through new and innovating projects and also the opportunity to build a better world.

Partnership in innovation, research and technology is key in providing solutions to the climate crisis

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